Jordi Moreno wins Marcel Mulder special award for partnership

On the recently held Wetsus external conference (3-4 October 2016), Jordi Moreno was awarded the Professor Marcel Mulder special prize for excellent partnership. Jordi won his price for the efforts he does for advancing real life Blue Energy. Jordi Moreno is a fourth year PhD student of MST on Blue Energy, the technology to harvest electrical energy from mixing salt and sweet water (salinity gradient power, or ‘Reverse Electrodialysis’, RED). After several years of research in laboratory and at pilot conditions, the first full-scale RED plant has been constructed at the Afsluitdijk, where the water from the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea meet each other. Jordi is working with the industrial partners in his project to tackle problems like membrane fouling and the negative effects of multivalent ions present in natural feed waters.

(photos courtesy of Wetsus, Leeuwarden)