Microfluidic Course in Cuba

Microfluidic course for first time in Cuba

Two of MCS PhD students, David Fernandez Rivas and Vincent Verdoold, gave the first Microfluidics and its Applications Course in Havana, Cuba. Last November 2008, the classes took place at Instituto Superior de Tecnologias y Ciencias Aplicadas, InSTEC (Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology). The scope of the course covered topics such as the origin of Microfluidics as a science, microfabrication techniques, analytical techniques, and chemical reaction applications as well as a simple practical demonstration of an experiment using a small microfluidic device.

The course was followed by a small group of students that were fascinated by the new horizons that this field brings. Most of the applications introduced were those that could have an impact or could be used in a Developing Country scenario.