MCS and MCBP papers published in Lab on a Chip

In collaboration with the Medical Cell BioPhysics group of Leon W.M.M. Terstappen, members of MCS published two papers in Lab on a Chip. Also, their sample loading system was introduced in LOC Chips and Tips blog.

Microfluidic device for DNA amplification of single cancer cells isolated from whole blood by self-seeding microwells

DOI: 10.1039/C5LC00816F (Related movie:

A microfluidic device was developed for DNA amplification of single cancer cells by integration with self-seeding microwell chips. Single cells were identified by self-seeding microwell chips and punched into the reaction chambers of the device. Reagents for cell lysis and DNA amplification were introduced sequentially by peristaltic pumping of micro-valves. On-chip lysis and amplification were performed in 8 parallel chambers yielding a 10 000 fold amplification of DNA.

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Programmable V-type Valve for Cell and Particle Manipulation in Microfluidic Devices

DOI: 10.1039/C5LC01206F (Related movie:

A new microfluidic valve or “v-type valve” is presented to manipulate cell and particle in a microchannel. With the valve, single microparticles (∅ 7 µm and ∅ 15 µm) and single cells were trapped from flowing suspensions, and integration of the v-type valve with monolithic valves in microfluidic chips was demonstrated to illustrate the potential of the system in various applications such as the creation of a solid phase column, the isolation of a specific number of particles in reactors, and the capture and release of particles or cells in the flow of two immiscible liquids.



A new reagent loading system for a PDMS device is presented to achieve simple connection, easy sampling from stock solutions, and less dead volume in tubing and connectors. A direct connection of pipette tips to a PDMS device and loading reagents by pressure driven flow were demonstrated by adapting a 3D-printed plug.

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