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InkBeams winnaar eerste StartupLaunch

De eerste editie van The StartupLaunch is gewonnen door team InkBeams. De groep sleepte onder leiding van David Fernandez Rivas de eerste prijs in de wacht voor hun project, dat moet uitmonden in een methode die naaldloos injecteren mogelijk maakt. ... read more

BIOS and MCS develop a cheaper method to make sub 30 nm periodic structures

People from the BIOS and MCS groups have published a conference paper (MicroTAS 2016) on a technique we have developed to make extremely small (less than 30 nm) periodic structures without the use of a deep-UV light source for lithography. This can make batch production of such structures relatively cheap. ... read more

MCS publishes in Energy & Environmental Science

MCS group contributes to a Perspective article in the highly popular journal Energy and Environmental Science.
Its title is The potential for microfluidics in electrochemical energy systems, and is the result of a collaboration with colleagues from EPFL, Laussane, Switzerland. ... read more

MCS papers published in Biosensors and Analytical Biochemistry

Two papers related to DNA analysis have recently been published by our group. ... read more