Patents 2011


Methods and algorithms for cell enumeration in a low-cost cytometer

Inventors: Droog, E. Tibbe, A. Greve, J. Gohel, D. Terstappen, L.

United States Patent: 7943397

Filed: May 17, 2011


A Method For Assessing Disease States By Profile Analysis of Isolated Circulating Endothelial Cells

Inventors: Mark Connelly, Gerald V. Doyle, Galla Chandra Rao, Leon Terstappen.

United States Patent: 7901950.

Filed: March 8, 2011


Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells, Fragments, and Debris

Inventors: Galla Chandra Rao, Christopher Larson, Madeline Repollet, Herman Rutner, Leon WMM Terstappen, Shawn Mark O’Hara, Steven Gross.

United States Patent: 7863012 B2

Filed: January 4, 2011