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MIRA Imaging & Diagnostics Colloquium 
on TUESDAY, 02 Dec 2014, 1230h – 1300h 
Presentation title, abstract and speaker are given below.
You are all invited!
Image-based navigation of robotized flexible endoscopes 
by Nanda van der Stap (RAM)

Robotizing flexible endoscopy enables image-based control of endoscopes. Especially during high-throughput procedures, such as a colonoscopy, navigation support algorithms could improve procedure turnaround and ergonomics for the endoscopist. We have developed and implemented a target detection algorithm that is based on image classification followed by dark region segmentation. Robustness and accuracy were evaluated on real images obtained from human colonoscopy exams. Comparison was done using manual annotation as a reference. Intraclass correlation (ICC) was employed as a measure for similarity between automated and manual results. This algorithm was furthermore implemented in the Teleflex system for robotized endoscopy and a user evaluation was performed. The first results of this study will also be presented.
In conclusion, the developed target detection algorithm provided accurate results and is thought to provide reliable assistance in the clinic. The clinical relevance is appreciated, but the algorithm needs to be improved further.