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CV and Research

Short CV

I was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and received my BScTech (hons) in advanced material from Victoria University of Wellington in 2010. I went on to complete a PhD in physics at Victoria University in 2013. My thesis is entitled "Raman investigations of Strained Ferroelectrics" and it is available publicly from the VUW library:


Ben is conducting research along two main themes in the IMS group at the University of Twente. The first is the integration and optimisation of ferroelectric elements into mirrors for extreme-ultraviolet wavelenths of light. The second theme of Ben's research is the emerging class of lead-free ferrolectrics.

Outside of research, Ben has an interest in startup companies and the commercialisation of scientific research.


Eerd, B.J.W.-v., Young, A.G., Al-Salim, N.I., Kemmitt, T., Strickland, N.M.

Ligand-functionalised copper(II) hydroxide for quantum dot photoluminescence quenching, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 346, pp. 288-295 (2010)

Wylie-Van Eerd, B., Damjanovic, D., Klein, N., Setter, N., Trodahl, J.

Structural complexity of ( Na 0.5Bi 0.5) TiO 3-BaTiO 3 as revealed by Raman spectroscopy, Physical Review B, 82 (10), 104112 (2010)

Wang, J., Schenk, K., Carvalho, A., Wylie-Van Eerd, B., Trodahl, J., Sandu, C.S., Bonin, M., (...), Setter, N.

Structure determination and compositional modification of body-centered tetragonal px-phase lead titanate, Chemistry of Materials, 23 (10), pp. 2529-2535 (2011)

Jin Wang, Ben Wylie-van Eerd, Tomas Sluka, Cosmin Sandu, Marco Cantoni, Xiankui Wei, Pascale Gemeiner, Brahim Dkhil, Alexander Tagantsev, Joe Trodahl, Nava Setter

Negative-pressure induced enhancements in a nanoporous freestanding ferroelectric


Conference Presentations

AMN-5 (7-11 February 2011) Wellington, New Zealand

“Raman Spectroscopy Investigation of Size Effects in the Structural Phase Transitions of Ferroelectric Nanowires”

International Conference on Electroceramics 2011 (12-16 Dec) Sydney, Australia

“Raman investigation of structural phase transitions in Perovskite ferroelectrics”

Australasian conference on Vibrational Spectroscopy 2011 (22-24 Nov) Wellington, New Zealand

“Conducting nanospheres for increased Raman scattering in thin films”

AMN-6 (11-15 February 2013) Auckland, New Zealand

“The Effect of Lattice Strain on the Ferroelectric Properties of SrTiO3 measured by Raman Spectroscopy”

Selected Previous work and commercialisation experience

Dec 2009 – February 2010, Industrial Research Limited (now Callaghan Innovation)

This position was a summer research internship working with the electronics and applied physics group at IRL. My task was to fabricate and characterise thin films of ZnO, to be used for its piezoelectric properties as the transducer element of a device. The technique used to fabricate the films was electron beam vacuum deposition, and the principal characterisation techniques used were x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy.

April-May 2012 and September 2012, The MacDiarmid Institute

The MacDiarmid commercialisation fellowships I was granted required me to take pieces of research/IP generated by the MacDiarmid institute and evaluate their commercial potential. I have worked on two separate pieces of IP, one on my own and one within a group of Canterbury University Masters of engineering management students. In these positions I gained skills in market evaluation and research, product development, financial forecasting and in making pitches and writing reports for a commercial audience.

Jan 2012-Jan 2013, Chiasma Wellington

Last year I was the partnerships lead at Chiasma Wellington, a networking group for science professionals in Wellington, New Zealand. In this role I had to go out and establish contact with local science and technology businesses, promote and organise events and help match companies to students. I was an ambassador for the organisation and for science students in general. This was a volunteer role.

March 2013-July 2013, Publons

Publons is a start-up company in the open access publishing space. I worked as a consultant in a fixed term for this company. For them, I did market validation and communication work, financial forecasting and bookkeeping, and I helped in making business strategies and pitches. In this position I learned a great deal about the academic publishing industry.