MESA+ University of Twente
Inorganic Materials Science Group

Curriculum Vitae

Yang Wang

University of Twente, Carré, 3237, P.O. Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands



M.S. in Printed Electronics Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China (09/2012- 07/2015)

B.S. in Materials Chemistry Anhui Normal University, China (09/2008-07/2012)


1. Zhang, Y.-Z.; Cheng, T.; Wang, Y.; Lai, W.-Y.; Pang, H.; Huang, W., A Simple Approach to Boost Capacitance: Flexible Supercapacitors Based on Manganese Oxides@MOFs via Chemically Induced In Situ Self-Transformation. Advanced Materials 2016, 28 (26), 5242-5248.

2. Zhang, Y.-Z.; Wang, Y.; Cheng, T.; Lai, W.-Y.; Pang, H.; Huang, W., Flexible supercapacitors based on paper substrates: a new paradigm for low-cost energy storage. Chemical Society Reviews 2015, 44 (15), 5181-5199;

3. Jenkins, G.; Wang, Y.; Xie, Y. L.; Wu, Q.; Huang, W.; Wang, L.; Yang, X., Printed electronics integrated with paper-based microfluidics: new methodologies for next-generation health care. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 2015, 19 (2), 251-261;

4. Zhang, Y.-Z.; Wang, Y.; Xie, Y.-L.; Cheng, T.; Lai, W.-Y.; Pang, H.; Huang, W., Porous hollow Co3O4 with rhombic dodecahedral structures for high-performance supercapacitors. Nanoscale 2014, 6 (23), 14354-14359.