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Inorganic Materials Science Group

Curriculum vitae

-Personal details

Dr. Bernard A. Boukamp

Male/female: Male

Date and place of birth: 11-06-1944, Nijmegen

Nationality: Dutch

-Master's (‘Doctoraal’)

University/College: Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht

Date: July 1968

Main subject: Solid State Chemistry and Physics


University/College Higher Education: Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht

Date: 11-11-1974

Supervisor: Prof. dr. G.J. Blasse

Title of thesis: Photo conductivity in pure and Li-doped gallium antimonide

-Work experience since graduating

1974-1980 Research associate, Stanford University, Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, subject: "High temperature solid state batteries" (full time).

1980-1983 Post doctoral fellow, State University Groningen, subject: "electrochemistry of chalcogenides" (full time).

1984-1986 Post doctoral fellow, University of Twente, subject: “Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and Oxygen Isotope Exchange in Solid Sate Electrochemistry” (part time).

1986-1993 Supervisor of the IMS Scanning Electron Microscopy facility and research associate in the IMS group (continuation).

1993-2004 Assistant professor in the IMS group, subject: “Solid State Electrochemistry” (full time).

2005-present Associate professor in the “Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy” (IMS group).

2004-2009 Coordinator Bachelor Track “Advanced Technology of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

-Special functions

1993 Co-chairman 9th International Conference on Solid State Ionics, The Hague.

1993-present Associate editor Solid State Ionics

2003-2011 Elected as councillor for Europe to the International Society for Solid State Ionics (June 2003, 14th SSI conference, Asilomar - California).

2003 Chairman International Workshop Impedance Spectroscopy for Characterisation of Materials and Structures, 24-28 September 2003 Warszawa.

2011 Associated editor Materials Research Bulletin