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Most of the Iraqi oil (consequently produced water) is produced in the south of the country. This region of Iraq suffers from water shortages (suitable for drinking, industrial and agricultural use) for a long time in terms of quantity and quality. The main objective of this project is to propose and test a total integral concept for introducing produced water as a new water resource in Iraq. This will be achieved by first investigating the water needs for different uses nowadays as well as the possible future needs in south Iraq. It involves investigating the quantity and quality of produced water from the many sources in the hydrocarbon-bearing geologic formations. This investigation will consider current and emerging treatment technologies focusing mainly on desalination of produced water in a specified number of producing fields in the oil winning region of south Iraq.

In this research, I plan to focus on using an emerging membrane technology, that is forward osmosis FO in desalination of oilfield produced water. This technology provides good if not optimal alternatives for the high salinity oilfield produced water treatment where the conventional membrane desalination methods (such as reverse osmosis) do not work.