Symposium on Superconductivity and Cryogenics, 9 December 2016

Symposium on Superconductivity and Cryogenics, 9 December 2016

As a follow-up of the event in 2015, the research chair Energy, Materials and Systems organizes a one-day symposium on superconductivity and cryogenics. The symposium takes place on December 9 in building the Gallery at the campus of the University of Twente.

At the symposium, research projects will be presented on superconductivity and cryogenics, in which EMS is participating. Also, part of the day will be focusing on the special research chair of Herman ten Kate within EMS on Industrial Applications of Superconductivity (in Dutch: ITS). Furthermore, the developments concerning the foundation SuperACT will be discussed.

A tentative program is given below.

We are sure this will be an interesting event informing attendees on recent developments in the field of superconductivity and cryogenics and their applications. In addition it will allow attendees to contact potential partners for future industrial or research activities.

Participation is on basis of invitation. In case you are interested, please send an email to

Topics that will be addressed are:

10:00 - Superconducting generator in a 3.6 MW wind turbine (EcoSwing project) – Mark Dhallé / Uni Twente

10:25 - A 3,4 km superconducting power transmission cable in Enschede (Supernet NL) – Rob Ross / TenneT

10:50 - High dynamic superconducting motor (STW-HTSM2016) – Elena Lomonova /TU Eindhoven

11:15 – Coffee/tea

11:35 - MEMS-based cryocoolers – Marcel ter Brake / Uni Twente

11:50 - Cryo-preservation of biopsies and related thermal issues  – Srinivas Vanapalli / Uni Twente

12:10 - Sorption-based cooling for space and big science – Marcel ter Brake / Uni Twente

12:25 - Lunch in Gallery

13.30 - Magnetic Density Separation, overview (STW Perspectief program) – Anna Glazer / TU Delft

13:55 - Magnetic Density Separation, the Twente part in it – Mark Dhallé / Uni Twente

14:15 - Superconductors and Magnets in Particle Accelerators – Herman ten Kate / CERN

14:35 – Coffee/tea

14:55 - Superconductors for magnets in fusion reactors – Arend Nijhuis / Uni Twente

15:15 - Research Chair ITS – Herman ten Kate / Uni Twente

15:35 - Foundation SuperACT – Marcel ter Brake / Uni Twente

15:50 - Closing with drinks and bites

17:30 – Departure

Marcel ter Brake, chair holder EMS, chairman of SuperACT

Herman ten Kate, chair holder ITS