High current superconductivity lab

Experiments on technical superconductors take place in the high current superconductivity lab. Here, superconducting cables and magnets are characterized. An impression of the equipment of the lab is given on this page.

Impression of laboratory

Impression of the high current superconductivity lab. The cryostats are lowered in to a trench to gain more height for the inserts.

Press set-up for ITER cables

Cryostat for liquid helium with a press set-up for testing ITER cables. Part of a liquid Helium dewar is shown on the left.

Superconducting 15 Tesla magnet

A superconducting 15 Tesla magnet above its cryostat. The magnet has a cold bore of 80 mm.

Sample holder for Ic measurements

Sample holder for critical current measurements of superconducting wires. The wire shown has a diameter of 0.8 mm, at 4.2 K and can carry currents up to 2000A. Our setup is qualified for ITER-wire quality control.