Leijten J.C.H. - Hypoxia Inhibits Hypertrophic Differentiation and Endochondral Ossification in Explanted Tibiae

Jeroen C. H. Leijten1, Liliana S. Moreira Teixeira1, Ellie B. M. Landman1, Clemens A. van Blitterswijk2, Marcel Karperien1*

PLOS 2012


Purpose: Hypertrophic differentiation of growth plate chondrocytes induces angiogenesis which alleviates hypoxia normally present in cartilage. In the current study, we aim to determine whether alleviation of hypoxia is merely a downstream effect of hypertrophic differentiation as previously described or whether alleviation of hypoxia and consequent changes in oxygen tension mediated signaling events also plays an active role in regulating the hypertrophic differentiation process itself.

Materials and Methods: Fetal mouse tibiae (E17.5) explants were cultured up to 21 days under normoxic or hypoxic conditions (21% and 2.5% oxygen respectively). Tibiae were analyzed on growth kinetics, histology, gene expression and protein secretion.