Scheme of biomass processing with reactions involved in APR

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Aqueous phase reforming of light oxygenates over carbon supported noble and base metals. (Under SusFuelCat-project)

PhD student

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T. M. C. Hoang, A. K. K. Vikla and K. Seshan, Aqueous-phase Reforming of Sugar Derivatives: Challenges and Opportunities, Biomass Sugars for Non-Fuel Applications,54-88, 2016.


Kamila Koichumanova, Anna Kaisa K. Vikla, Dr. Dennis J. M. de Vlieger, Prof. Dr. K. Seshan, Dr. Barbara L. Mojet, Prof. Dr. Leon Lefferts

Towards Stable Catalysts for Aqueous Phase Conversion of Ethylene Glycol for Renewable Hydrogen

ChemSusChem, Volume 6, Issue 9, pages 1717–1723, 2013



North American Meeting in Catalysis (NAM), June 2015, Pittsburg (PA), US.

Poster: Effect of catalyst support and feed properties for stable catalyst performance in aqueous phase reforming (pdf)

16th Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference, March 2015, Noordwijkerhout, NL

A poster presentation.

Chemistry as Innovative Science (CHAINS), November 2014, Veldhoven, NL

A Poster presentation.

15th Netherlands' Catalysis and Chemistry Conference, March 2014, Noordwijkerhout, NL

Poster: Carbon supported noble and base metals for aqueous phase reforming of biomass compounds (pdf)

OSPT poster: Catalytic conversion of light oxygenates in hot compressed water (pdf)


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PhD student at CPM group, University of Twente

M.Sc. (Chem Eng), Aalto University, Finland

Master’s Thesis project in CPM group, University of Twente

Research assistant in Industrial Chemistry group, Aalto University, Finland

Laboratory assistant in R&D laboratory, Teknos Oy, Helsinki, Finland

B.Sc. (Chemistry), University of Helsinki, Finland