S. (Stef) Regeling, (Saxion afstuderen)

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Saxion Student

Building: Zuidhorst

Room: ZH


E-mail: s.regeling@utwente.nl


My name is Stef Regeling and I’m born in Enschede on april 25th , 1992. I'm a saxion student who's following the course of biological and medical lab research. During my high school I was always interested in the biological subjects as well as the medical world. After finishing my high school I found the bachelor course of biological and medical lab research, which combined my two greatest interests. This course prepares students to become a research scientist, the course also teaches you about the health of people, animals and plants. At the moment I'm doing my graduation research at the Clinical neurophysiology group.

Research interests

During my graduation research I try to determine the effect of hypoxia on the functionality of excitatory and inhibitory synapses using neuronal network cultures.