'Essentials of Neurophysiology' published

Recently, Essentials of Neurophysiology, written by prof. Michel van Putten was published by Springer Verlag.

These lectures provide the basic understanding of various clinical signs and symptoms from a thorough insight into basic principles of neurology, neurophysiology and neuroanatomy. The primary audience is therefore students whose future work will be in these fields and in particular those who will become typical clinical medical specialists driving the technological evolution. Essentials of neurophysiology therefore presents a hybrid of information, both from the clinical field and from basic physiology, with a very strong emphasis on concepts, including mathematical descriptions if felt necessary for a thorough understanding, but with less emphasis on various diseases. However, prototype examples of neurological diseases are discussed. In this respect, more technically and/or research minded medical students, residents, neurologists and clinical neurophysiologists, will also find this text useful.

The topics covered range from basic neuroanatomy to physiology, from membrane potentials to interneuronal communication. In addition, the author explains how various measurements on the human nervous system can be performed, including a treatise on medical measurements in general.

Written for

Students of Neurology with needs of an technical background and students of biomedical Engineering, in particular clinical medical specialists.


Clinical Medicine




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