Clinical Neuroscience Research meetings

The clinical neuroscience research meeting takes place every two weeks, on Wednesdays from 16.30-17.30, in Carré 3.718. The purpose of the meetings is to get to know each other, each other’s work and to give and get feedback/help/motivation on current research. Of course everyone interested is welcome to join.

If you want to receive the announcements by e-mail, or have any questions, feel free to contact Annika de Goede:


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Meetings 2017





22 February

Still unknown



8 February

Still unknown



25 January

Martijn Arns

Research Institute Brainclinics and Utrecht University


11 January

Ida Nissen

VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam

Localizing the epileptogenic zone in interictal MEG recordings using network theory

28 December

Christmas holidays



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