Theoretical Solid State Physics

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English (Dutch on demand)


This course builds on 191420020 (Introduction to Solid State Physics), treating the material in more detail and extending the scope to cover a number of additional topics:


Tight-binding method


Semiclassical Transport Theory



The emphasis of the course is on operationalizing the theoretical material treated in the lectures by doing homework. This is corrected and the mark contributes to the final mark. The course is based upon the following chapters of  "Solid State Physics" by Ashcroft & Mermin, supplemented with lecture notes:  

§1   The Drude Theory of Metals
§2   The Sommerfeld Theory of Metals
§3   Failures of the Free Electron Model
§10 The Tight-Binding Method
§12 The Semiclassical Model of Electron Dynamics
§13 The Semiclassical Theory of Conduction in Metals
§14 Measuring the Fermi Surface
§15 Band Structure of Selected Metals
§16 Beyond the Relaxation-Time Approximation
§17 Beyond the Independent Electron Approximation
§31 Diamagnetism and Paramagnetism
§32 Electron Interactions and Magnetic Structure
§33 Magnetic Ordering

Previous Knowledge: Required

191411281 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (Inleiding quantummechanica)

191411281 Introduction to Solid State Physics (Inleiding vastestoffenfysica)

Previous Knowledge: Desired

191411291 Applied Quantum Mechanics (Toegepaste Quantummechanica)

Participating Degree Courses


Course materials: Required

Solid State Physics (Holt-Saunders)

N.W. Ashcroft & N.D. Mermin


prof.dr. P.J. Kelly




Lectures, exercise classes, homework


Homework (2/3), Final exercise (1/3)