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Name: Iris Allijn

Room: ZH255

Phone: +31-(0)53-489-3389


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Polyphenols are a large family of natural compounds with potent pharmacological actions and minimal toxicity, which could serve as an alternative for (gluco)corticosteroids. Two aspects prevent polyphenol use for pharmaceutical intervention: 1) the mechanisms of action are unclear and 2) polyphenols have poor availability and are rapidly degraded or metabolized.

This project aims to develop targeted nanomedicine formulations of polyphenols that 1) improve bioavailability, 2) provide a nanoshell that protects against attaching enzymes and 3) achieve high target tissue concentrations. The ultimate aim of this project is to yield targeted polyphenol-containing nanomedicines ready for use for testing in the clinic.

Personal information

Iris Allijn started her bachelor 'Biomedical Sciences' at the Utrecht University in 2006. She finished her bachelor with a research project entitled 'The role of flavan-3-ols in dark chocolate on platelet function' at the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health in Scotland under supervision of Dr. B. de Roos.

Inspired by a course on microscopy, Iris did her first internship of her master 'Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences' at the Biomolecular imaging group of Dr. J.A. Post at Utrecht University. Here she studied the 'changes at the electron microscopic level in the architecture of the arterial wall in cerebral aneurysms'.

Her second internship was performed at the Translational and Molecular Imaging Institute of Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City under supervision of Dr. W. Mulder and Dr. D. Cormode. During this time she was introduced in the field of nanomedicine and successfully finished her project entitled 'Gold labeled low density lipoprotein nanoparticles: a novel platform for imaging lipoprotein biointeractions.'


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