Two STW/KWF grants

Two STW/KWF projects funded to Biomaterial Science and Technology (BST) group

Recently two STW/KWF projects are funded to the researchers from Biomaterial Science and Technology (BST) group of MIRA institute. 

Project 1: Targeting the Glioblastoma Micro-Environment

Dr. Twan Lammers and Dr. Jai Prakash from University of Twente in collaboration of Prof.dr. Raymond Schiffelers (main applicant) from Utrecht Medical Centre and other industrial partners (Enceladus and Quirem) obtained this project. In this project, researchers will develop new (radio)pharmaceutical formulations for local implantation into the cavity of brain tumor. By local implantation into the brain we aim to intensify the treatment and to limit side effects and to create a micro-environment in the tumor that resists tumor recurrence. Together these innovative therapeutic strategies offer new opportunities for glioblastoma patients, for whom very few treatment options are available.

Project 2: Drug Delivery by Sonoporation in Childhood Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma and Highgrade Glioma