ZonMW grant for Jos Paulusse

Jos Paulusse has acquired a ZonMW grant (€ 300.000) within the Dementia Delta Plan program. In collaboration with Dr. Kerensa Broersen (NanoBioPhysics) and researchers of the BIOS Lab-on-a-Chip group, UMCG, MST, VUmc and the companies Crossbeta Biosciences and Baliopharm, a novel nanocarrier system will be developed to cross the blood-brain-barrier and deliver a combination of medicines that tackle Alzheimer's disease in multiple ways. Uniquely sized nanocarriers will be developed that are easily altered and optimized to enhance brain delivery. Drug encapsulation and release will be studied, and their ability to cross the blood-brain-barrier will be evaluated in vitro in a BBB-on-a-chip model, as well as through in vivo animal studies. Hopefully this revolutionary approach will enable us to stop this disease. 

Contact: Dr. Jos Paulusse (J.M.J.Paulusse@utwente.nl)

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