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Large European Project on breast imaging Granted

A European research consortium will develop a new imaging device for the diagnosis of breast cancer. A prototype of the device will be ready for large scale testing and production in four years. Not only will it provide improved photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging, it will also be able to combine the images generated by both techniques. The expectation is that the new imager will improve and accelerate the diagnosis of breast cancer, and also be applicable for younger women. ... read more

Vidi grant for Ivo Vellekoop

Ivo Vellekoop is awarded prestigious Vidi grant

Microscopes are essential tools in biology, neuroscience, and medicine. Current microscopes excel at imaging processes occurring in single, isolated cells. However, imaging the cells in their natural environment (inside biological tissue) is extremely hard because most biological tissues are non-transparent (turbid).
Ivo Vellekoop (assistant professor at BMPI), was awarded an NWO Vidi grant to solve this long-standing problem. In his project ‘the end of turbidity’, he will explore new avenues to look through turbid tissue by using a specially shaped light waves that counteract light scattering and create a sharp focus even deep inside turbid tissue. ... read more


Mithun Kuniyil Ajith Singh of the MIRA-group Biomedical Photonic Imaging, received the best Paper award at the annual conference ‘Photons plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing’ during the Photonics West event in San Francisco. ... read more

Paper in European Radiology

Paper on photoacoustic breast imaging in European Radiology

Michelle Heijblom and colleagues describe the results of photoacoustic imaging on thirty-one patients using the Photoacoustic Mammoscope (PAM) developed at the University of Twente. The work was a collaboration between the University of Twente and Medisch Spectrum Twente Hospital. ... read more