THE MESA+ Fairytale

Once upon a time…. There was a department concerned with the production of diodes and transistors. This was a very precise job, in which they worked with silicon, among other materials.

Working at this department, Professor Piet Bergveld was way ahead of his time and had his eyes set on the big, wide world. Here, he saw many chances: Making sensors to measure pH and blood contents—this would be a good thing to work on. Others did not think this goal to be compatible with the way they worked, causing scientific and technological disputes. When the dust cleared, the scientists split, the whole ordeal resembling a sort of tribal war. Everyone went their own way.

From this moment on, they dubbed themselves S&A and ICE, two abbreviations for ‘Sensors and Actuators’ and ‘Integrated Circuits Electronics’. Somewhere on campus—on the sixth floor of the old ELTN building, now called Hogenkamp—the S&A lab was established. The ICE members also started on their own, but in tower 5 of the ELTN building.

All in all, the two groups lived less than 50 meters apart. S&A and ICE could neither live with each other, nor could they without. After all, both groups needed the Mask Fabrication, the LPCVD, and the electron microscope of Mr. Otter. However, real friends—like they used to be—the groups were no more.

Then, suddenly, on a beautiful day, they spotted a pot with 30 million guilders sparkling at the Twente horizon. This piqued the interest of the old friends, but there were other competitors in sight. How about the boys in Delft and Eindhoven? Delft was already getting in bed with Phillips and Eindhoven was playing around with the telecom companies. What would the old friends have to do, then, to get this money?

They formulated an arrangement. And thus, the idea was born to produce smart sensors. This was an instant success. Nobody in the world had thought of this. Prof. Fluitman tried to further bring the friends together and succeeded. The money was secured and the founding of the Micro Electronics Sensors Actuators was a fact.

And so, MESA lived happily ever after and even became MESA+ by addition of the analysis group CMAL