Sputterke 21 years

It’s time to celebrate. Sputterke reached the honorable age of 21 years. For humans this means being a grown up, for sputter coaters this would mean retirement. This is not the case for Sputterke, one of the key machines in the cleanroom! In the last 16 years, since we use an electronic logbook, 27000 wafers have been processed with this robust sputter coater. For a research area this is a tremendous amount!

In 1994 the cleanroom started to build a sputter coater with the help of the technical service department of the university. There was a tiny budget only, so most parts were home build or used. In the end of that year the coater was placed into the cleanroom and a new tool for the students was born: Sputterke.

In the years that followed Sputterke was upgraded several times. A load lock for faster loading of the samples, new vacuum pumps, commercial available sputtering guns and finally a replacement of the electronic control by a computer. We made her better, stronger and faster!

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