Developing Condition-Based Maintenance approaches to support SMART industry in the Twente region: A multi-company study

Master thesis project


Regio Twente, Nederland

Company description

Besi Netherlands B.V., ( based in Duiven, the Netherlands, designs, develops and manages the production of molding, trim & form and singulation systems for both leadframe, substrate and wafer level packaging applications under the Fico brand name. All equipment, tools, molds and mold kits are produced in Besi's Shah Alam, Malaysia and/or Leshan, China facilities.

Dynobend ( bedient sinds 1988 vrijwel elke essentiële markt en is de specialist in het leveren van precisieoplossingen voor het koud vervormen van buis, draad en profielen. Slimme software binnen de buig- en omvorm- technologie, alsmede eigen ontwerp en fabricage van gereedschappen, maken voor u het aanbod compleet. Bedieningsgemak, maximale vrijheden en een attractief design zijn de unieke eigenschappen voor zowel onze standaard machines als ook turn-key oplossingen.De disciplines engineering, mechanica, sofware en de interactie tussen mens en machine zijn onze krachten. In de zoektocht naar innovatieve oplossingen, verruimen we altijd weer de grenzen van de technische mogelijkheden en kennis.

Thales Group ( is a French multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets.

Introduction into the subject and objectives

Thinking companies use smart components, such as sensors and microprocessors, to provide feedback about the use, degradation, environment and location of their physical assets. Real-time logging of various parameters – collected by the smart components – can be transferred to ground stations. Effective use of these data heads off problems, such as unplanned failures.

Although many advanced maintenance techniques, such as condition based maintenance, are described in the academic literature, current research shows that practitioners find it difficult to effectively apply these techniques in practice. Therefore, a group of companies in the Twente region have joined forces.

In this multi-company project, the master student is challenged to develop practices to effectively apply CBM techniques at these companies. The study will start with a multiple-case study to define the common goals of these companies. Next, common problems these companies experience with CBM practices will be addressed.

Research questions to address during the project:


What is the applicability of a CBM approach?


How should a more advanced maintenance approach (e.g. CBM) be developed for these companies?

Working location
The student is expected to visit all companies multiple times. Depending on the working topic at hand, the student can determine when and where to work. Depending on the research questions, more companies might be involved in this challenging project.


University of Twente: Wieger Tiddens MSc & Dr. Jan Braaksma

Student profile

For these assignments we are looking for students who are proactive, have good communication skills in Dutch, are analytical and have affinity with Maintenance Engineering
Profile: WO bachelor Maintenance engineering, System Engineering or Industrial Engineering. MEO specialization is a plus.

More information

W. Tiddens – | HR N126