Bio-inspired solutions: a biomimicry-approach for designing sustainable and maintainable systems

MSc. Graduation Project – Industrial Design Engineer/Mechanical Engineer - Chair of Maintenance Engineering

Aim of the project

Exploring the possible opportunities offered by the nature, the main objective of the assignment is to codify and create a tool/methodology to help engineers and designers in creating bio-inspired winning solutions in the field of maintenance operations and maintainable and sustainable products.

The problem and the opportunity


Biomimicry is the study of emulating and mimicking nature, where it has been used by designers to help in solving human problems. From centuries ago designers and architects looked at nature as a huge source of inspiration. Biomimicry argues that nature is the best, most influencing and the guaranteed source of innovation for the designers as a result of nature’s 3.85 billion years of evolution, as it holds a gigantic experience of solving problems of the environment and its inhabitants. The above considerations fuel the need of a structured tool/methodology that could help to consider the usefulness of biomimicry solutions early in the process of a design task without demanding extensive resources.

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Research objectives to address:


Analysing the possible bio-inspired resources of interest with affinity for the maintenance problems;


Analysing the maintenance concepts, the design for maintainability concepts and its applicability;


Modelling the problem and designing a tool for bio-inspired solutions;


Creating and testing a concept version of the tool on a real problem;


University of Twente: dr. ir. Alberto Martinetti (room W252)

Student Profile

For this assignment we are looking for students who are proactive, analytical and out-of-the-box thinker. She / he has to be able to analyse, explore and find possible applications in different industrial sectors.

Profile: WO bachelor Mechanical Engineering/Industrial Design Engineering/Creative Technology.