Company description

The Royal Netherlands Navy operates a fleet of ships to ensure the safety of the country at sea and from the sea. It also operates a large maintenance establishment in Den Helder to guarantee the availability of the fleet.

Introduction to the subject

Naval ships are very complex assets consisting of a large number of subsystems. Each of these systems has a completely different failure behavior, but is expected to operate for most of the time. Therefore, a lot of data on the usage, condition and performance of the systems is collected by many sensors on-board. Part of the signals are collected in the Platform Management System, others are filtered out by the subsystems, but all of them can generate alarms.

Currently a large research project, MaSeLMA, is executed aiming to improve the predictability of failures and maintenance, and improve the associated logistic processes

Research objectives

In this project a condition assessment system will be developed based on the signals and sensors that are already available in all the subsystems (engines, generators, pumps, radar systems, etc.). This requires a motivated selection and combination of appropriate data sources and a translation of that data into useful information on the state of the system. The final goal is to obtain a central system that provides a quick overview of the condition and performance of all subsystems on board.

In this project, a cooperation between the Navy, several OEMs (Pon, Thales, Imtech) and Oliveira (data collection and visualization) will be established.

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Mechanical engineering

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T. Tinga