The educational programme is in close harmony with the University of Twente’s MIRA, Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine that ranks in the top 5 of worldwide bio-engineering departmens. At MIRA, research and education are strongly integrated. MIRA’s researchers teach and supervise PhD students working on their thesis and students doing research for their final project. Within MIRA, clinical professors participate in the research and education as well as in their own clinical environments. In our programme students and researchers challenge and inspire one another in order to strive for the highest result in new practically applicable technologies for the benefit of patients all over the world.


Students at Technical Medicine will complete several research projects of variable length throughout their 6 years’ education: the final project in the third year of their bachelor’s and the internship projects in the second and third year of their master’s. The master thesis is the largest and most challenging research (graduation) project. A whole year will be devoted to an academic proof: mastering, analyzing, solving and implementing a complex practical clinical-case within the realm of Technical Medicine. Students will be guided by specialized professors in the field of Medicine, Technical Medicine and Technology.


After their graduation, some of our students have chosen to further deepen their knowledge, scientific strength and experience as a PhD-student. A successful (4 year) PhD research-project results in the proven ability to do academic research autonomously. In this respect, a lot of clinical departments offer excellent possibilities for the finest students.