Technical Medicine offers a unique interdisciplinary programme linking Science and Technology with the clinical practice and professional behavior of Medicine. The graduated Technical Physician has a thorough understanding of the functioning of the human body. Together with an equally thorough insight in medical technology and professional behavior he creates new solutions for technical medical problems . The goal is to find new, better and safe diagnostics and treatments. After graduation, most Technical Physicians will work in academic and large leading clinical medical centres.

The education aims at the highest possible level. Our students are trained by and work with excellent medical and technical scientists and physicians in the field in a 3 year’s Bachelor’s and a 3 year’s Master’s programme. Student numbers are limited to 130 per year to ensure quality-standards. Prior education is VWO, Nature & Technology (or Health + Maths B and Physics) + Biology.

Bachelor’s is dedicated to reach complete understanding of the functioning of the human body and of technology. An essential skill to medical clinical practice is professional behavior. Students will spend a lot of time in the state of the art Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine (ECTM) that offers the latest in the world of simulation technology and provides an environment for practicing professional behavior with simulation patients. Every session is recorded to provide the student with an optimal insight in his or her own qualities. Students will develop a deep understanding of the human body by studying Anatomy, Physiology, Patho-physiological core concepts (underlying principles of diseases) Technology (maths, electro-technology, chemistry, physics) used in diagnostics and therapeutics. There will be internships in each of all 3 Bachelor-years.

Master’s offers 2 specialization-tracks: Medical Imaging & Intervention and Medical Sensing & Stimulation. The first year of the master is dedicated to reach an advanced level in technology. At the first year students will further develop their medical and professional behavior skills at the ECTM. At the second year there are 4 clinical internships each of 3 months. The third year is devoted to the master’s thesis: students show their ability to function in the various clinical departments in the hospitals at an academic, technical medical level and their skill to contribute to the applied scientific research and daily medical practice within their chosen specialization.