Friday Night Yoga

Studying, visiting your family, going out and sports… Whatever your plans for the weekend are, this Yoga course is the perfect start for every weekend! Yoga means connecting, as in connecting body and spirit, with as goal to grow as a human. Power Yoga is the western version of the Ashtanga Yoga. It is an active and powerful form of Yoga, in which both body and spirit will get strengthened. The Yoga positions (asana’s) combined with breathing techniques, focuses on keeping the body healthy and resilitient, in order to make it effortless.

By exercising Yoga frequently one can notice quite some improvements pretty quick. The body will become more flexible and powerful, your posture improves, you will have more energy and inner peace can develop.


Program 2016-2017


Friday 17.30-19.00h


9 weeks


10 February to 7 April (14 april no course because of Eastern weekend)


€ 30,- for UnionCard holders (students)


€ 50,- for Campus-Card holders (employees UT and other customers)




Rong Zhang



Course periods 2016-2017:

1.) 5 September to 11 November
2.) 14 November to 3 February
(with the exception of the Christmas holidays 26 December till 8 January)
3.) 6 February to 14 April
4.) 17 April to 30 June


For the online registration login to the DMS website and click for the courses What’s on offer.

All information about the registration can be found here.

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