Reinforce your New Year’s Resolutions

When starting new years’s resolutions we always set ourselves a goal. We want to lose weight, fat or gain muscles. We want to be more active, exercise more. Eat more healthy or lose our stress.

The sport-Centre wants to help you attain your goals. Unfortunately we cannot help you with all your goals but wat we do offer is a test-pack. The test-packs we offer are meant to reinforce your resolutions.

What you get when you test with us is a relevant and realistic image of the status of your physique. With this knowledge it will be much easier to set obtainable and realistic goals, and thereby attaining them.

Our test-leaders, will not only administer the test and give you a real picture of your status. They will also set you up with a personalized training plan. Thereby ensuring your chance realistic progress. If you, after the tests and the plan, have any questions left than you can ask them. They can be on a wide topic from training to injury.

Due to the difference between persons and their goals we devised three different test-packets.

1 Strength pack:

Endurance test (Astrand), Fat assessment (4 point skinfold), 3 max strength tests (1RM) and a personal training plan

2 Health pack

Endurance test (Astrand), Fat assessment (4 point skinfold), 2 flexibility tests (sit and reach, shoulder flex) and a personal training plan.

3 Power pack:

Endurance test (Astrand), Fat assessment (4 point skinfold), anaerobe test (wingate) and a personal training plan

We reserved one hour per test-pack, plan and questions. The moments when our test-leaders are available are:
















If you want to participate please send an e-mail to and do not forget to add your preferred test-pack.

Our tests are administered by qualified professionals, (all or almost physiotherapists) and cost 30Euro’s per packet.