New years resolutions card

Buy a half-year- card and get the month of January for free.

We believe that the new year is the moment to start our new healthy habits. And we want to support everybody that wants to make the change to a different and healthier lifestyle.

We think it would be a shame to have to wait until February to start your lifestyle change. Therefore, where normally a half-year fitness or group-lessons card starts at the 1st of February, we want to offer you access to the fitness and/or the group-lessons for free for the whole month of January. This way you can start out 2016 the way you want to.

The normal price for a fitness and/or group-lesson card for one month is 18 euro’s. A half year card costs 60 euro’s. Our offer is to buy both cards for the price of one. So buy your half year card for 60 euro’s and get the month of January for free.

There are two parts you should know.

1 A prerequisite for a fitness and/or group-lessons card is a Union or Campus card.


You can see the Union or Campus card as a membership. From the fee for the Union or Campus card not only sports is supported but culture as well and other events on Campus.

2 There are three different categories of cards we offer.


For students: When a student buys the new-years-resolutions card he or she has access to the gym and access to participate in group lessons.


For employees: Employees have an automatic access to the gym which is payed for by the University. This new-years-resolutions card therefor offers them access to all group-lessons.


For neither of the above: If you are not a student nor an employee with this offer you can choose between access to the gym or access to the group lessons. (To have access to both you would need to buy two cards.)

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