New course Kangoo jumps

Kangoo jumps, the shoes have been around since 1990. The first shoes with spring-blades underneath were presented at a sport fair in Paris in 1994. But Kangoo Jumps is more than just the shoe. You can have energetic exiting aerobics lesson with these shoes.

And that is exactly what the sports-centre wants to offer. An aerobic workout on spring-blade shoes. Available for everybody. A nice and cool way to offer you a new way of training with a lot of bounce.

All through the month of January on Thursday at 18.00 we offer open lessons. The only prerequisite is that you register beforehand at the service desk. And this is so that we can reserve the spring-blade shoes for you. We have a limited amount of shoes:


8 times S ( corresponds with size 35-38)


6 times M ( corresponds with size 38-42)


2 times L ( corresponds with size 42-45)

Therefor if you want to do something completely different, if you want to reach new heights in the new year, or if you just want to practice a new fun workout. Please register with at the service-desk of sport-centre for one of the weeks in January.

To give everybody a chance to try out and participate please do not register for more than 2 lessons.

If you think this is an awesome idea, a terrific workout or a super exercise than consider signing up for the Kangoo Jumps course which starts at the 1st of February (html)

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