Free admission week

In the first week of January we want to offer everybody a change to experience the gym and the group-lessons. Whether you are a student, an employee or in any other way related to the University, please feel free to put on your sports-gear and take a look around.

If you are visiting the gym, the turnstile will be opened. Between twelve o clock and half past one and between four o clock in the afternoon and ten o clock in the evening, a fitness coach will be present to give you advice or answer any questions you have.

If you want to participate in a group-lesson you do not need to get a card at the ticket machine. You can just show up at the location where the group-lesson is held. But make shore you show up on time, because of safety or a limited amount of exercise material there is a maximum number of participants per group-lesson. So make sure that come early if you want to be sure of your spot.

Any questions regarding wat group-lessons we teach or where they are being held, check