Change your game challenge

If you are either a new or a regular member of our group lessons we want to challenge you. Everybody participates in the group-lesson he or she prefers. But this January we want to invite you to participate in the group-lessons you are not used to. Maybe group lessons you have never even done. This to widen your perspective on what group-lessons we have to offer. As we say in the Netherlands, a chance to take a look in another kitchen.

For this challenge, from the 11th of January you can get a challenge-card at the service desk at the sport-centre. If you get five autographs from five different group-lessons you receive get present at the service-desk.

Cards are available at the desk until the 25th of January. Presents are available until the 29th of January or until they are all handed out. Presents are meant for everybody who participates, therefore participate in as many group lessons as possible but only one present per person.