Fitness center

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The Fitness Center is a bright and open space and is equipped with modern fitness equipment from Technogym. The Fitness Center features a climate control, thus there is always a fixed temperature.

In the gym there are plenty of options for strength and cardio training. The cardio machines include treadmills, bikes, Concept II rowing severe meters and cross trainers. We also provide an open space for stability training materials such as medicine balls, Bosu balls and ballast TRX suspension. In the open space there are four Kinesis walls which can be used for functional strength and there is a wide variety of dumbbells, barbell bars and weight plates.


The Fitness Center has an area of ± 400 m2.


A small selection of the various devices are:
- 4x Kinesis devices;
- Multiple Stations of the Element line with isocontrol (powered, so extra heavy);
- 2x Top XT upper body cardio machine;
- 7x Technogym treadmills;
- 2x Wave "skate" ergometer;
- 1x Vario "free motion elliptical";
- 4x Ellipticals;
- 1x unit Steps;
- 3x Spin Bikes;
- 3x Concept II rowing ergometer;
- 3x movable mirrored walls.


Het Fitnesscentrum is suitable for specific groups and group training to a maximum of 30 people. Expert support here is possible.

Click here for more information about the Fitness Center.


The price to rent the Fitness Center is available upon request.