Meditation & Manifestation

Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness.

What are the benefits of meditation?


Space of vastness, calmness and joy 


Good concentration


Better clarity


Improved communication


Relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body


Bring about a true personal transformation


Physical and mental healing

That is manifestation: we can define it as our ability to create the world around us. That we are responsible in some way for creating the reality around us

Benefits of Manifestation:

Always Get What You Wish For. Attracting what you want is a law of nature, not of miracles. The meditation and Manifestation lesson consists of theory, interactive discussion, visualization, affirmation, hypnosis, meditation bowl music, meditation practice.


------ From Oscar

I was finding it difficult to concentrate on my studies and I felt very anxious. Initially when I joined I didn't notice any immediate differences and I found a lot of the exercises difficult, including the meditation because my brain wouldn't stop thinking. However, after about 4 - 5 weeks I began to notice my ability to concentrate and use the meditation to its full benefit improving. Rong's enthusiastic and fun way of teaching was mainly responsible for this. She really motivated me to go to the classes (even at 8:45 in the morning) and she even gave each of us personal attention ,getting to know every individual personally, to ensure we truly developed and felt comfortable in the class over the 10 week period.  I really liked how Rong was very open to adapt to what people wanted and she never forced people to do anything. She encouraged people to either lie down, sit up or sit against a wall (however they felt comfortable) and had a different meditation theme every week to ensure the meditation was kept exciting. Furthermore, Rong always gave a theoretical background to the meditation theme. I now feel much better than I did in last year.


Programma 2016-2017


Vrijdag 16.30-18.00 uur


9 weken


21 April 2017


€ 30,- voor UnionCard houders


€ 50,- voor CampusCard houders (medewerkers UT en externen)






Rong Zhang

Periode data 2016-2017:
1 5 sept t/m 11 nov
2 14 nov t/m 3 februari (m.u.v. 2 weken kerstvakantie 26 december t/m 8 januari)
3 6 febr t/m 14  april
4 17 april t/m 30 juni


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