Registraton and Deregistration Exams

Rules for the registration and deregistration for written examinations:

In order to take an examination, you need to register for each examination (also mid-term examinations) separately;

Registering and deregistering is possible from 40 to 14 days before the examination;

You will not receive an announcement/reminder about your registration for examinations;

Deregistration is possible via Osiris and up to and including the day before the examination.

Registering for examinations
You can register for all written examinations mentioned on the examination timetable, and for any examinations you take in the interim. Because the registration is linked to an examination date, the period for which you can register also differs. For each examination you can enrol via Osiris from 40 days before the examination up to 14 days before the examination. You can register for all examinations in the regular examination weeks in one go, because the registration periods partly overlap (see the example below). Between September 30th and October 15th,you can therefore register for all examinations in the regular examination weeks.

Example: the regular examination weeks of quarter 1 are week 44 and 45. The first examination day is Monday October 29th. Registration for examinations on this day is possible from September 19th up to and including October 15th ; for an examination on the last day, Friday November 9th , registration is possible from 30 September up to and including 26 October.

This means that there are no fixed registration and deregistration periods per module and you will
not receive general announcements and reminders for registration for examinations.

Deregistering for examinations
If you registered and would like to deregister, you can do this via Osiris, up to the day before the examination (i.e. until 24:00 of the day before the day of the examination).

Registration and deregistration partial examinations
For registration and deregistration of partial examinations, You can register via Blackboard or with your lecturer.

Please keep in mind that there are only two tries allowed to do an examination! When a third examination is needed, you need to ask permission from the exam committee. So, do not forget to deregistrer when you are not well prepared!!

For questions, please contact the examination desk of your institute.