Master programme


Participating Study: Sustainable Energy Technology (MSc-SET)

Goals: (i) describe the context of Sustainable Energy Technology (SET); (ii) indicate developments in the energy sector; understand the following concepts: life cycle analysis, systems approach, trade-offs, scenarios, constraints for technological activities, energy balances, system boundaries and (iv) acquire academic skills, such as presenting research results, participation in discussions, organizing a workshop and setting up of scientific research.

Course Description

The Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) programme focuses on technology and gives engineers broadly based energy technology competences. The engineers are able to provide technical solutions for sustainable energy related issues. The course `Sustainability' aims to integrate knowledge from several disciplines that form the basis of SET to find solutions for practical energy problems. From a systems approach, the course addresses energy related issues at different scales. This interdisciplinary approach forms the connection of the courses throughout the first year of the master programme. The course uses a bottom up approach in which students are stimulated to participate in the content of the course.

Evaluation: after active participation and acquiring the skills as set out in the course goals, students pass the course with a mark ‘accomplished’ which gives 3 EC. This evaluation is done after the course by the lecturer.



Credits (ECTS)



dr. P.W. Gerbens-Leenes



dr. P.W. Gerbens-Leenes