Master programme


Participating Studies: Master Sustainable Energy Systems (MSc-SET), Master Hydrogen technology

to be able to characterize an available heat source, assess its thermodynamic potentials, and design the best power generation system to be driven by the heat source.

Course description
Hydrogen is a promising energy carrier for future. However practical application in daily life requires overcoming a variety of technological, chemical, social and economic challenges. Its scope as the fuel for the future is due to the higher energy efficiency, for e.g., in fuel cell applications. There are quite a few scientific and technological barriers that need to be overcome to make transition to a hydrogen based energy economy in daily life. Aspects that are crucial to bring this to practice will be addressed by a variety of experts (academic and from industry) in different areas. The topics will include catalytic, sustainable and reaction engineering aspects of hydrogen production, its purification, separation, storage for transport, and application in fuel cells for power generation.

Prior knowledge
: basic chemistry, materials science and chemical engineering.




Credits (ECTS)



prof. dr. K. Seshan




dr. B.A. Boukamp

dr. H.J.M. Bouwmeester

dr. G.H.L.A. Brocks



prof. dr. S.R.A. Kersten L. Leffert



prof. dr. G. Mul



dr.Ir. D.C. Nijmeijer



prof. dr., K. Seshan