Programme committee (OLC)

The Programme Committee is concerned with the bachelor’s programmes and the master’s programmes within a departement. The committee consists of students as well as teachers and is also known as OLC (opleidingscommissie in Dutch).

The OLC is the advisory body of the programme director. The OLC should be consulted with every decision. For examples: decisions about course programmes, schedules, course evaluations. This way they guard the educational quality.


Student members

Johannes van Dijk (until 1 September 2016)

Jeroen Jager (until 1 September 2015)


Xander van der Goot (until 1 February 2016)

Faculty members


Gjerrit Meinsma (until 1 September 2016)


Peter Breedveld (until 1 September 2016)




Support staff and contact


Mirande van der Kooij


Apart from the members, the programme director, Jan Willem Polderman, also attends the committee meetings.

The meetings for the academic year 2015-2016 take place on:

9 September

Other meetings are still to be scheduled.

Agenda and minutes available in Dutch: