Sander Lotze

Drs. S. Lotze

Head of Internationalization

Sander bears overall responsibility for the Internationalization Department. Besides his management duties, he is in charge of a number of important portfolios including internationalization strategy, country policy, language policy and the code of conduct for international students. He is the contact person for the internal consultation group for internationalization portfolio-holders, coordinator of the ECIU and a member of the Internationalization Platform of the Association of Universities of the Netherlands and of the 3TU internationalization group. He can also be contacted about international partnership agreements at institutional level.

Phone: 053-489 5679



P.F.T. Doek

Office Manager

Peta assists Head of Internationalization Sander Lotze, policy officer Hanna Lange and liaison officer Rolf Vermeij.

Phone: 053-489 2844




Hanna Lange

H.C.G. Lange, MSc

Staff member

Hanna’s main task is to recruit international students for the English-taught undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at UT by visiting educational fairs in the focus countries and by organizing online and printed promotion material that targets potential international students. She also assesses the effectiveness of recruitment media in the focus countries and streamlines international student recruitment at faculty level.

Phone: 053-489 5439




Rolf Vermeij

Dr. R.J. Vermeij

Liaison Officer

Rolf is the contact person for information on applications for education and research grants (mainly international). He maintains contact between UT and its domestic and international partners, including the European Commission, the ERC and the EIT.

Phone: 053-489 5687