17-12-2010: Seminar on Internet skills

Internet skills: the State of the Art in research and Policy

We are pleased to announce a seminar on Internet skills, taking place on the University of Twente in Enschede, on December 17 2010.

Time: 10.15 to 15.45 

Place: University of Twente. Vrijhof Building. Agora room.

Register: Send an e-mail to Alice Kragt (a.j.kragt@utwente.nl). Registration is free!

In contemporary society, Internet skills play an increasingly important role. As physical Internet access is reaching its saturation phase, Internet skills primarily determine how the Internet is used and what benefits can be obtained from this usage. Therefore, Internet skills and more generally digital skills are gaining an increasing amount of attention in both research and policy directions. Since these skills are relatively new in the digital divide debate, it is important to share the latest insights, both in the academic field and in practice.

Some of the latest insights reveal that Internet skills are not equally distributed in society. In fact, a large part of the population is struggling to equip themselves with the skills needed to function in an increasingly digital environment.

The seminar on Internet skills both takes a scientific and a practical perspective.

Confirmed speakers are: 

 - Prof. Dr. Eszter Hargittai (Northwestern University Chicago). She will lecture about digital skills and digital inequality

- Prof. Dr. Jos de Haan (Erasmus University Rotterdam). He will lecture about the measurement of Internet skills in surveys used by CBS and SCP

- Prof. Dr. Eugene Loos (Univerity of Amsterdam). About the Internet skills of seniors.

- Drs. Leo Besemer (Euopean Computer Driving License). About how Internet skills are incorporated in the ‘driving license’

- Drs. René Montenarie (Digivaardig&Digibewust). About practical cases aimed at improving Internet skills among the Dutch population

- Dr. Els Kuiper (Univerity of Amsterdam). About information skills in education

The conference will be introduced and chaired by Prof. Dr. Jan van Dijk.

PhD dissertation Alexander van Deursen

After the seminar, Alexander van Deursen, at 16.30 will defend his PhD dissertation named "Internet skills, vital assets in an information society." Before the defense, Alexander will give a short lecture about the contents of his dissertation. All participants of the seminar are invited to this public defense.

The conference is sponsored by the IBR Research Institute for Social Sciences and Technology.

If you would like to attend the seminar, please register by sending an e-mail to Alice Kragt (a.j.kragt@utwente.nl). Registration is free!

A lunch will be provided.