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I choose my profile to be:

□ Profile 1: Technology and the Human Being (Coordinator P.P. Verbeek)

□ Profile 2: Technology and Values (Coordinator P. Brey)

□ Profile 3: Dynamics of Science, Technology and Society (Coordinator K. Konrad)

□ Ethics & Technology (E&T) (Coordinator P. Brey)
(To register for the E&T track you should have successfully passed the application procedure; the deadline for applications is at the end of April!!)

The chosen elective courses are:

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Please make an appointment with the final project coordinator of your profile at the start of your second year, to discuss your graduation program.

If you plan to include an internship or a stay abroad in your profile, please contact the coordinator.




Submit Before the 1st of July to:
Faculty of Behavioural Sciences

Master of Science in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society

Educational Affairs Office PSTS (EAO) – Cubicus C101

If you want to change the above indicated profile choice later on, you need to contact both final project coordinators.