Admission Norms for the PhD track Ethics and Technology

The Ethics and Technology track has the following admission requirements:

  • At the start of the track, students have completed at least 55 EC from the first year of PSTS, including the courses ‘Ethics and Technology I and II’ and ‘Society, Politics and Technology’.
  • Students have an average grade of at least 7.8 for their first-year PSTS courses.
  • Students have an average grade of at least and 8 for the courses Ethics and Technology I and II, and the course Society, Politics and Technology.

Note: students who intend to apply for admission for this Ethics and Technology track need to be aware that they have to leave this track if they do not meet the following criteria by the beginning of the 2nd quartile in year #2:

  1. Having completed “Technology and the Quality of Life”
  2. Having completed “Technology, Globalization and the environment” AND/OR “Philosophical Anthropology and Human-Technology relations.”
  3. If two courses have been completed: Having scored an 8 on average.
  4. If three courses have been completed: Having scored a 7.5 on average. 

[In this regard, we strongly recommend students to take the courses “Technology, Globalization and the environment” AND “Philosophical Anthropology and Human-Technology relations” as an elective, because this combination will allow the student to continue her or his study program in profile 2 in case they have to leave this Ethics and Technology track.] 

Students can apply for admission to this tracks by sending an e-mail to the track co-ordinator, Prof. dr. Philip Brey (with CC to the study counsellor Yvonne Luyten-de Thouars). This e-mail should include an official Study Progress Review from Osiris that contains a listing of completed courses and grades received.