Students within the Educational committee

In the Educational committee the quality of our teaching programmes is discussed. Suggestions for improvement are directly and formally brought under the attention of the programme director Here are your student representatives!


“Hi everyone, I am Anna Alicia Kier. I am the representative of the first year EPA students. You can contact me any time if you have problems or suggestions regarding the modules or the programme in general. As a first year student, I am the newest member of the committee!”


“Hi Guys! My name is Suzan Sidal and I am a 2nd year joint-degree student of the program "Public Governance across Borders". Within the education committee, I am representing the Munster-group at the university to improve the quality of our study program . So, if you have any questions or demands regarding general educational issues, the transition from Münster to Enschede or other program information, I will help with words and deeds.”


"Hey there, I am Jakob Martin! I am the representative of the 2nd year EPA students. But no matter what year you're in, feel free to come to me with any suggestions regarding the program or questions about the university. If you need information I am usually a good place to start. Keep it up!"


“Hi all, I am Simone ten Have, a third year EPA student and I am currently working on my bachelor thesis. I have been a member of the Educational Committee of EPA since halfway my first year at this university. This means I have witnessed quite a lot of changes within the EPA programme. My duties within the committee include especially to critically think about and assess the EPA study programme and any proposed changes. Suggesting improvements and paying attention to further development of EPA is my main concern. I am in the first year of TOM (TEM) and many things that we encountered in my first year have already been improved. This is part of the evidence why I believe it is very useful to engage in the Educational Committee as a student.”


"Hey everyone, I am Melanie Bottor and currently, I am a Master student of Public Administration (Policy and Governance track). As a student representative of the Education Committee, I try to improve the quality of the EPA/PA courses for the future as my goal is that  students will have a good time during their study. If there are any problems with your courses and/or professors, you can contact me."


''Hey guys, I am Anieke Kranenburg. As a student representative in the Educational Committee I listen to student suggestions to improve their study programme. I started my master Public Administration and the master European studies with a great group of people. Getting to know your fellow students is really important I think and therefore I often organize a drink. Cheers!''


“Hello, my name is Dieneke Mooiman and I represent the Master students of Public Administration within the Educational Committee. I am enrolled in the 'Policy and Governance' track, but trying to include the different views of Master students of the other tracks as well. At the end, we have the same aim to finish our Master Public Administration the best way we can! I like to give the students' feedback regarding the study programme, in order to make the MSc PA as interesting and challenging as it can get.”