Information about the modules

Dear second year student European Public Administration & Public Governance across Borders,

In the fourth semester of our study, you will have a choice between two specializations:

European Studies, with the modules:

7a. Europe in Crisis?

8a. The European Union and the World

And Public Administration, with the modules:

7b. Policy-making and Planning

8b. Street-level governance

It is also allowed to mix & match, so you have a free choice between module 7a and 7b in quartile 3 and between module 8a and 8b in quartile 4.


Although we know you have to subscribe for modules in Osiris, we would like to already have an overview of the student numbers in each module for logistic reasons. So please read through the following 4 pages (one for each module), and then let us know your choices by using this form.

We appreciate your prompt response!

Thank you!

Kind regards,

René Torenvlied, programme director

Martin de Nobel, programme coordinator