Our Mission

P-NUT is the official organisation of the PhD candidates at the University of Twente driven by the common interests, concerns and passions of its members.

P-NUT passes the borders of faculties, departments and even universities by bringing PhDs with different backgrounds together to share their experiences and help each other to grow and become more efficient in their work. Our main objectives are to bring people who share similar interests together in both a professional and informal way, to inform them on the important aspects that might affect or benefit their careers as scientists and share and defend the rights of the PhDs at the UT. These objectives define the three main goals of P-NUT: connect, inform and represent the PhD candidates of the University of Twente.

Our Mission

The main role of connect is to bring people with similar interests together, to create a social platform for people coming from diverse cultures with different backgrounds where they can exchange experiences, information and ideas. We create an informal setting where PhDs in the early stages of their doctoral degree learn from their older peers. We not only try to integrate them in the academic community but also in the Dutch society by organising target oriented events. The PhD candidates have the opportunity to socialise in an open environment and escape from the work routine. We make PhDs visible to each other and present also the other side of the PhD life by encouraging them to get the most out of their PhD not only professionally but also socially.

The inform part of P-NUT consists of spreading information relevant to a significant part of the PhD community, both in private and professional life. We tailor our events in such a way that new PhD candidates have access to the information they need upon arrival in the Netherlands and candidates in a later stage of their doctoral degree can benefit from information that can improve their work. For this we organise different events where we invite specialists to talk about the tax law in the Netherlands or the housing procedure in Twente. For our yearly Thesis printing market companies present their offers on thesis layouts and for other events specialists provide insight into editing and formatting the PhD thesis. Examples include our introductory lunch meetings on Latex and Indesign workshops.

Our third goal - represent - focuses on connecting the PhDs with the university administration and being actively involved in the decision making process of the issues that are of concern to the PhD community. We defend the status of the PhDs as employees, share the ideas and requests of the PhD community with the university officials and represent their interests in meetings with the rector, human resources and the personnel department in a professional and objective way. We are the voice of the PhDs and defend the views of the PhD community through commitment and devotion. P-NUT shares the concerns of the PhD candidates at the University of Twente with PNN - the National PhD Association in the Netherlands - by actively exchanging problems and ideas common to the doctoral candidates on national level.

We make sure that the PhD candidates at the University of Twente are being taken care of both in their professional path, as well as in their social life.