Documents 2008

Theme Lunch: Internationalization

The last lunch-discussion was a success! On Tuesday 13th of March, there was a discussion on the topic 'Internationalization for PhDs at the UT.

In 2006 P-NUT conducted a questionnaire on the satisfaction of international PhDs at the UT. During the lunch discussion the results of this questionnaire were presented. The presentation is online now.

Questions that were discussed:

•What kind of problems are faced while applying for a residence permit?

•Is learning Dutch needed for international PhDs to feel home/socialize?

•What are the consequences of bringing a partner for international PhDs?

•What can be done to make international PhDs more integrated to their group/university/society?

•What kind of information should be provided to international PhDs and how?
Do you find UT international enough?

Several people from within the UT organization and Ilse Schenk from Nuffic/ERA-MORE Netherlands contributed to the very fruitful discussion.

The outcomes of the discussion will be used to formulate more recommendations and solutions for the UT management.