Twente Science Night

Twente Science Night

Twente Science Night - transport form

Exhibitors for the Twente Science Night can make use of the truck transport service. This form is intended to inventory your transport needs for the checklist the transporters will use.

Please refer to the e-mail with this link for the event script and further details if you have any questions.

If you are using the truck service, you need to deliver your object to the loading dock of the Carre or Spiegel.

You can do this on the day of the event itself, Saturday the 7th of October. Or you can deliver your object on Friday, the 6th of October.

If you'd like to deliver your object on Friday the 6th of October, you can deliver it to either the Spiegel or the Carre loading dock. The Spiegel has a locked storage room available. The Carre can only temporarily store your object by placing it in a publicly accessible area.

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